Monday, April 19, 2021

Purple is my favorite color. However, it never crossed my mind to paint my living room walls with purple. For me, it is a bold choice and if not done properly, the result could be disastrous and unappealing. But when I stumbled upon pictures of very attractive purple living rooms, I was convinced that purple could definitely be a good choice for creating an inviting and beautiful living room.

The greatest advantage of using purple as the color scheme for your living room is the availability of numerous shades of purple. You can choose from different values of light and dark, and tonal ranges between blue and red within the purple color scheme.

Lighter and bluer shades of purple can help you create a living room that is very relaxing. This is ideal for warmer climates. On the other hand, warmer shades of purple, such as those that are darker or look more red, can create an inviting place especially in cold climates.

Purple also blends well with other colors. Gold highlights or focal points are often used to compliment a purple living room. In addition, other colors, especially black and white can be combined with purple beautifully.

When using purple, be aware that the wide range of shades of purple can also fire back. Using too many shades of purple in a space could ultimately lead to a bizarre rainbow of purples that never quite come together visually.

But, here are some shades you can consider:

Dusty purple: This color is vibrant and indulgent, that provides luxury look. You can combine it with plush velvets, buttoned upholstery, heavy curtains, marble, and touches or old gold. You can choose a chalky matt finish. Otherwise, it will look outdated. You can combine dusty purple with plum, fig-with blush pink, or grey to create a harmony. Additionally, you can pair dusty pink with a soft green for additional contrast.

Plum shade: to create a cozy cottage style you can blend a winter palette of claret and plum. You can stop this color scheme from going into overdrive by using mauve-greys, beige or greys for additional accessories. For example, a coffee table in these shades can balance the look.

Combine purple and white: many people combine purple and white because they want to avoid all-purple look. This is an excellent range of colors for living rooms.

If you need some inspiration in designing a purple living room, then check out the photos below that exemplifies well-designed purple living rooms.



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