Sunday, January 17, 2021

The longevity of the roof is around 70 years, depending on the material that you use. However, as much as we hire the best contractors, it always somehow ends up with the shorter lifespan of it.

A lot of residential roofing companies provide the warranty up to 70 years, but to extend this, you can do several simple tricks that will help you to extend its lifespan.

Insulate the house

When you have insulation, you will not have huge heat loss during winter, which is the ultimate goal. To achieve a high level of energy efficiency, you have to get a proper material for insulation of the walls, ceiling/attic, roof and floor.

Maintenance Roof

Working On Roof

One of the great things is the vapor retarder that is installed under the insulation of the ceiling, which will prevent the moisture to stay in the attic. Eliminating the moisture from the attic, you will protect your roof and extend its lifespan significantly. Just make sure to use eco-friendly materials that showed fantastic abilities when it comes to the insulation.

Inspect the shingles

It is very likely that you will notice damage on the roof after the heavy storm, but make sure to take a closer look at your shingles.

Sometimes, due to the specific angle of view, you may not notice the cracks or damage, even there is no water penetration or moisture inside the attic. You can be on the ground and take a look at the roof to look for the damaged shingles. Should you find any, call the service right now to prevent further problems.

Make sure that your roof breathes

Having a proper airflow is crucial for having the optimal temperature and low level of moisture. Once moisture is accumulated, it can slowly destroy the roof and it would be too late before you notice anything.

Worker Changing A Wooden Roof

Changing Roof On The Home

To ensure the optimal breathing, make sure you have the insulation and do not forget to install a vapor retarder that will force the moisture to go outside instead of keeping inside. Also, hire a professional service to install it, as it can be a tricky business, especially in the small attics.

Hire a professional roof inspection sometimes

One of the things you can do is to hire the best roofing service that will perform a thorough check of your roof to make sure that there are no missing tiles or cracks.

They know the exact problematic spaces for each type of roof so they could perform the investigation efficiently and faster.

This is an additional cost, but it is much cheaper to hire them after some heavy storms to make sure that everything is fine than to find out in the middle of the night that you have a crack in the roof, which allows water to enter the attic and make a mess inside. As we said, you can check on your own after the stormy water, but the pro guys know where to look for a problem.



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