Thursday, January 21, 2021

One of the hardest rooms to move is kitchen! It has so many drawers, utensils and small items that you must not forget. As denver movers say, there are no much things from the kitchen that you can donate to someone to avoid moving unnecessary things.

Therefore, you have to pack everything up properly and take it to your new home. Here is what you need to know about packing your kitchen for moving.

Sort and keep it simple

First of all, you need to sort things up. Forks, knives, spoons and other utensils will go in a single box, while plates and pots go in the other. This way, you will avoid confusion and will also ensure that all the things are not scattered. Instead, when you want to unpack the utensils and put them in the new drawer, everything will be together and you will not lose time on finding what you need.

Woman with moving box in her house

Young woman with moving box in her house moving in or out of a apartment

Also, try to keep several basic things you will need in your house before you move to the new one. Alternatively, buy plastic utensils just to have a fork and spoon so you could eat. When the moving days comes in, just throw these away and you have clean and ready utensils for your new home.

Ensure tight packaging

One of the problems that people often face is when they get cheap and not so strong boxes that they will use to pack items.

Try to get better boxes that have stronger cardboard so you could avoid breaking your stuff. The boxes have to be firm and tight, as you will carry the plates, glasses or vases or other items that are fragile. What you can do as an additional security measure, is to wrap the boxes with the duck tape to prevent breaking. Yes, it is an additional job, but its better to invest time into doing this than into replacing the broken items.

Clean and pack your appliances

This is suggested to do at least 24h before you move out. Clean the appliances and remove any food leftovers and secure them.

Box Is Ready For Moving

Couple Box Is Ready For Carry On

If you are not sure how to handle the appliances and prepare them for transportation, you should read manuals or call the professionals to explain this problem to you. The appliances can break easily just because you are lazy to prepare everything in advance or read the manual.

Pack unopened bottles separately

If you have unopened bottles of wine, olive oil or vinegar, make sure you pack these in the separate box. However, do consider the overall weight of each bottle.

High-quality olive oils and expensive vines should not be left, but things like vinegar can be replaced with the new bottles as these are not that expensive.

It is not worth carrying a couple of vinegar bottles and risking of breaking the box when you can buy these for a bargain. The point is to prioritize the items and if you can go without some of them, then go without them.

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