Monday, April 19, 2021

When designing a Japanese-inspired bedroom, one must consider the important aspects of Japanese design. Above all, Japanese bedrooms are characterized by minimalism and simplicity. Japanese are also well-known for using furniture with multi-function. Each furniture and other design elements used in decorating a Japanese bedroom also has symbolism as indicated in the Zen philosophy that the Japanese believe in. Generally, however, a Japanese-inspired bedroom is characterized by the following:

1) Get rid of any unused items or furniture in your bedroom. Japanese design is about functionality, simplicity and cleanliness.

2) Use natural materials and natural light such as stones and wood. Lighting fixtures must be concealed or recessed or are altogether minimized since natural lighting is the main source of light for the room.

3) To create an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity, use muted colors, such as greens and grays to minimize visual “noise”.

4) Furniture is also low and near the ground, not only to create the illusion of a bigger space but also to signify stability and comfort.

5) Minimize the use of accessories and décor in a Japanese bedroom in order to veer away from clutter and to focus on the inner self.

6) The majority Japanese when decorating rooms start with floors, and you should apply the same rule. So, for floors, you should consider tatami mats, and traditional ones are made of rice straws, which is highly comfortable for bare feet. You don’t have to cover the entire floor; you can just place a big mat in front of your bed.

7) Traditionally, Japanese décor features neutral colors, such as brown, beige and black. You can choose any of these shades, to paint the walls of your room. On the other hand, orange, blue, green and red are typical colors that can be used for accessories and decorations.

8) If you want to incorporate Japanese décor in your room, then choose furniture that will match the theme. For example, the bed should be low as possible, and you complement the bed with bamboo or a lacquered dresser. The most important thing is that furniture you choose is functional.

Below, are some Japanese-inspired bedroom where you can draw inspiration from in case you are on your way to designing a Zen bedroom. A Japanese theme will surely add character to your bedroom even if you are just renting your place.



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