Thursday, May 6, 2021

Decluttering should always be a top priority when tidying your home. However, there come the times when you need a solution with all the things that are left. Otherwise, you may end up in the same situation all over again.

Therefore, when your home is organized, finding the items you need is quick and easy. In other words, your life is much more comfortable. It’s the same when you are buying custom printed carpet, and you want your home to look beautiful and tidy.

Now, let’s see a couple of easy ways to make your stuff organized and in place.

Minimize your items

Have you noticed how minimalistic homes always look organized? Well, it much easier to maintain your space when you have less stuff around you, right? You don’t have to throw away all the clothes, pair your closet to a handful of items, strip your home office of everything that motivates you or get rid of your kid’s toys.

minimalistic homes

To have a well-organized home, you only need to buy fewer items and give away things you don’t use. Believe us; you won’t miss them. The only thing you will miss is trying to store all the stuff into already packed storage spaces.

Match similar items

Be clever when you are organizing your home. What does this mean? Well, you should group similar stuff. Keep the same type of items in one place, so you’ll know where to find them. This rule is mostly applied to everyday things, such as toys, tools, or kitchenware.

For instance, put coffee mugs in one cupboard, drinking glasses in another. Also, gather books from your living room and store them in one pile. Your living room space will appear more put together than having books and magazines scattered all over the place.

Always have a junk drawer

The junk drawer can be quite useful, especially with things you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t use that often. Therefore, the concept behind the junk drawer is to manage little messes around your home. Depending on the number of items you want to store, use a few drawers or boxes to place all unnecessary items.

organized junk drawer

If you assign too many junk drawers, it will derail your organizing efforts because you will toss everything inside. Like with the previous steps, group items, to know where to find bits and pieces. For example, put rubber bands in one drawer, and phone charges in another.

Set up a staging area

Nothing can ruin your organizing efforts like a pile of temporary items that you don’t know where to put. For instance, where do you store library books, or clothing donations, or purchases you need to return?

For that matter, if you set up a staging area, your home will be clutter-free. The best thing will be to use mudroom if you have one. If not, place everything in separate bags and store them somewhere, to avoid causing the mess.

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