Monday, April 19, 2021

Expecting to have your baby girl soon? One of the things that you need to plan now is the nursery for your little girl. In decorating a nursery for a girl, try using different colors or choose a theme that can make the nursery a warm and inviting place where you and your little girl can comfortably sleep and play. In this list we gather together a total of 10 baby girl nursery ideas where you can draw inspiration from in designing your very own nursery. Note that we also include themes or color schemes outside of the usual baby pink and lavender nursery rooms for girls that we usually see.

In planning your nursery, you must consider the following:

1) Make sure that the crib meets safety standards

2) There should be a changing table and plenty of storage space.

3) Hang a mobile toy over the crib

4) Have a soft night-light so your baby can have good night sleep while allowing you to comfortably move around the room.

5) Instead of a rocking chair, you can also consider getting a glider, which is a safer alternative

Planning a nursery should be a fun task, after all, your future child will be sleeping there. So, don’t stress too much and don’t try to make everything look perfect. The most significant challenges parents meet is selecting right wall colors and finding practical furniture. But, who says girls need a pink nursery and boy blue one. You can experiment with shades and choose the color you love the most.

For example, you can use some colors that can be unisex, and then just add some details, like stickers, lamps, toys, and clothes. In this case, you can use a combination of baby yellow and white. Regardless of furniture and colors you choose, keep in mind one thing. The room needs to be functional and provide you a lot of space to operate. The most important features are a crib, changing table and closet. The rest is up to you and your imagination. You can check out some of our ideas and, maybe you will find inspiration for your nursery.



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