Sunday, January 17, 2021

Purple bedrooms can be very glamorous, gorgeous, seductive and sophisticated. Since purple is the color of royalty, using this color scheme can instantly add “luxury” element to your bedroom. For a seductive and luxurious look, you may use a silk velvet bed spread in deep, complex hues of purple and a contrasting white bedlinen underneath. Thus, having a purple bedroom is one of the easiest way to add wow factor to your room without spending a fortune for it. However, there is a major drawback in using this color scheme because of the fact that it does not appeal to everyone, unlike blue or pink, which are more neutral colors and appeal to both sexes.

Another thing that you should be cautious of when decorating using purple is that, some dark shades of purple can make your bedroom walls look grungy in the morning sun. Also, when choosing lavender, try not to be overly girly by avoiding any feminine clichés in the room like ruffles and lace for a more elegant look.

In designing a purple bedroom, you need lots of inspiration as this color is difficult to pair with other shades. A purple and green bedroom, for example, may look very 80s but it can actually be quite sophisticated depending on the shades you use.

1)You can start with the walls, and while some people like to play it safe with pastel color on their bedroom wall, you shouldn’t be afraid to use rich, deep purple shade. For example, a dark purple with bright blue or white creates an excellent contrast and soothing style.

2)Purple also has a soft side. You can decrease its intensity and get a calming color that is more interesting than plain neutral shades. Even though many consider purple to be very vibrant, but it actually releases a natural and calming vibe. You can start with dark purple walls but use the soft purple for the bed and furniture. This will give you a romantic look and make your room appear chic.

3)With purple color, your bedroom gets a sophisticated look. Many people think that this color is too dramatic or even childish. But, you can see many examples on the interment proving you wrong. You can always combine bold purple wall colors with sleek and contemporary furniture.

In this post therefore, we tried to gather 10 gorgeous purple bedrooms where you can draw inspiration from in designing your luxurious bedroom.



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