Valentine Decors for Setting Up a Romantic Mood at Home

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with new and refreshing interior using simple Valentine decors that you can easily get from stores and markets. Making a few touches here and there or setting up a variation from your day-to-day decor can already do magic to transform a drab room into a romantic spot. As soon as the Valentine season approaches, various shops and stores are all full of beautiful and attractive showpieces and gifts to choose from. You need not be a professional decorator to create a romantic ambiance through decor this season of hearts. All you need to do is apply your individual style to make your space personalized and more beautiful.

The following Valentine decors will surely help you bring back the zest and fun in your home. Read through some tips on how to inject a romantic mood in your house, whether it is your bedroom, the dining room, the living area or even the kitchen! This is especially helpful if you are hosting a Valentine’s party or just preparing a Valentine dinner for your family and loved ones.

01-Centerpiece and Tableware for Creating a Romantic and Festive Mood in the Dining Area
Celebrations are synonymous to food and drinks. And that remains true on Valentine’s Day. To create a romantic mood, try some red roses and candles as your centerpiece or anything that is heart-shaped. Then reinforce the theme by using red napkins, or pink ones in heart shape, plates with hearts designs. Of course heart shaped cakes, chocolates and champaign should also be part of the menu. Below are awesome inspiring examples on how to set up a Valentine table.

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02- Candles
Aromatic candles can easily create a romantic ambiance because of their fragrant smell. Try putting the candles on side tables along with some colored flowers (preferably red or pink). At night, you can have the room dimly lit to create just a candle light effect. Aromatic candles are also ideal for bathrooms. Yes, you can also decorate bathrooms for valentine’s Day!


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03-Valentine Wreaths
Yes, wreaths are for Valentine’s Day too! Try decorating your wall or your main entry door with a Valentine wreath. If you have kids in the house, try decorating your walls with heart shaped decors such as in the photos below:

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4: Flowers
This is the most basic and maybe the easiest way to create a romantic mood around your house. You can put flowers preferably in pink or red in any corner of your home. You can have a bunch of red roses as your centerpiece in your living room, in your corner table, etc. For a more romantic setting, you may scatter some rose petals around your dining table or in the bedroom and bathroom. Below are some examples to draw inspiration from:

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5: Bedroom Accessories
You can bring the romantic mood all the way to the bedroom by adorning it with Valentin-inspired linens and accessories. You can achieve it by suing the colors red or pink as the main colors then accessorize around this theme. You can achieve this by coordinating you bedding accessories from the walls to curtains to rugs to linens and towels. Below are some inspiring photos on how to create a romantic bedroom setting not just for couples but for kids as well. This is also something that you may want to  have all year round.

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