Thursday, May 6, 2021

If you are one of the people that is considering the renovation of the bathroom, you might start with the right tiles. People often want to mix a lot of different tiles, which results in a messy bathroom that has no “average design line”. The point is to have a set of balanced colors for your bathroom. When choosing them, make sure to get the right color of your bathroom sanitary parts.

In addition, buy storage cabinets to have some “starting point. Therefore, the tooletries shower storage holders are perfect for this job as you will match the colors and the overall design.

Determine the primary tile

Getting the right color nbalance is anything but easy, especially if you have smaller bathroom that you need to decorate wisely. A bigger bathroom allows more freedom when it comes to color combination. Of course, you will like many of the tiles as there are literally thousands of variations.

New bathroom ideas

Interesting new ideas for bathroom

For a start, pick a unique tile that you want to have. The color and design do not matter at this point, as this will be your starting point. From there on, you can start picking other tiles for walls, for example. If you do this, you ensure that you have what you like and it makes it easier for you to combine the rest of the tiles with the ones you have already picked.

The three different colors are maximum

Color mixing is a great way to enhance the overall design, but be careful with it. People like to mix things up and that means that they sometimes exaggerate with the differences. Now, what you choose as your primary tile determines the rest of the tiles and colors.

You can pick the alternate ones that have more subtle colors to achieve a bit of color variation, which will kill the monotony but will not ruin the overall design.

In case you get the primary tile that has a base color (without patterns), you can opt for the additional ones that have some sort of pattern. Basically, you pick one tile for wall, one for walls and one for the tub part. The goal is to match everything and provide a nice and cool design.

It is recommended to use a white tile for tub part

In order to achieve great design, you definitely need one tile that is single-colored, and the best ones are those for the tub part. If you choose these to be white, you can add a top layer of tiles to be green or any other color to make a contrast.

New sink is ready for use

Sink decoration in new bathroom

This creates a “wow” effect as it is a nice design that incorporates white color and the other colors of your choice. It will give it a unique look and if you add a bit of other colors to the floor, you will have the perfect design. You can always hire a professional to consult with in order to get the best possible design.


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