Space Saving Modular Table for Easy Storage

We are always attracted to modular furniture because it allows for greater flexibility as well as multiple uses and applications. If you are a “transformers” fan– I am not referring to the movie but to furniture pieces that transform to serve several functions, then this new piece from Offi is for you. Envisioned as a solution for small spaces, the collection includes four stools that fold and slip onto the table frame. When the tabletop’s four extensions are folded down as well, the entire collection forms a single tower that can be stowed in a corner. The four chairs can be ordered in one color per two chairs. You may also opt the chair colors to be different from the table color. The space saving table table and chairs are made of laminated birch plywood and powder-coated metal. The maximum recommended weight for each table leaf is 60lbs. Dimensions when space saving table is closed:25 x 25 x 30 inches and 43 x 43 x 30 inches when opened.

space-saving-table-modular space-saving-table-modular space-saving-table-modular2



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