Modern wall art: the ever changing wall

It’s 2010! Do you you think we can now move to a new level where we no longer need paint and wallpapers to decorate our walls? That is, if you opt to use this modern wall art designed by the incomparable Amirko. Called, “Change It”, you can actually change the color of your wall instantly from white to black to any color that you want, depending on your mood.

modern wall art

modern wall art You can also write or draw anything on your wall with this modern wall art. The modern wall art features square “pixels” that make up the wall. Each of the pixel is a triangle of 3 colors (white, black and a spot color). By turning each you can create a new design any time you wish. This is also a pretty cool option to have in an office if you have some extra space. You can have your walls redocated with different color everyday or put some text on it during special occasion or holidays. So you can have a whole new look at your place anytime you want.

modern wall art

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