Innovative Multifunctional Furniture Designs to Watch Out For

Apartment and condominium dwellers are always on the lookout for furniture that are not only space-savers but multi-functional as well. That is why designers are continuously looking for unique and innovative “transformers” furniture designs. I am referring to those innovative furniture designs that transform from desk into chair, or from sofa into bed, depending on what you need at the moment. In this post, we are going to post some innovative furniture designs that are yet to hit the stores but are already making news because of their unique, useful and unusual features.

01 – Outdoor Multifunctional Furniture by Yoann Design


This futuristic innovative furniture design from Yoann Design can be transformed into different shapes and forms to serve multiple functions. By just turning the X-shaped grips, you can arrange the unit into a desired position. Within no time, this furniture called X-Code multifunctional outdoor furniture transforms into a sofa, an armchair or a simple yet elegant table in no time. Designed by Yoann Henry Yvon, the X-Code could be an excellent addition to any poolside.

innovative-multifunctional-furniture innovative-multifunctional-furniture

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02 – Olita – Night Table with Shelf by Adrien Guerin

French designer Adrien Guerin designed this table to help you save space . Called Olit, this piece of innovative furniture design combines several unique elements into one tidy package. This innovative furniture has the size of a nightstand or accent table and features a storage compartment where you can store books or toys, thus, helping you make your home from becoming cluttered. You can also detach the table top and use it as a serving tray or laptop table.

night table also book shelf night table also book shelf

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03 – Also Chair by Akin Bacioglu

armchair also study desk

Meet “Also Chair, ” an armchair that can be transformed into a study desk from designer Akin Bacioglu. All you need to do is to just turn it and you will have a complete function from chair to desk. This multi-function furniture is targeted for teen rooms and small houses. The functional furniture comes with a bookcase behind the backrest of the armchair or below the table top where you can place books and other things.

armchair also study desk

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