Monday, April 19, 2021

Decorating your kitchen in a cottage-style theme is easy to pull off and easy on the pocket. The basics of doing cottage kitchens only involves the use of pristine white for walls, cabinets, furniture and window treatments. Another common characteristic is the hardwood flooring and butcher block countertops to complete the look.  Since this type of kitchen design is relatively less expensive and low maintenance, cottage kitchen style has become a popular choice for many people, especially for small spaces. Below are some tips to create a bright and airy cottage kitchen of your own.

1)For FURNITURE: Especially if you have small space for your kitchen, opt for an eat-in kitchens. Choose a farmhouse style tables and extend the wainscoting from the walls and cabinets to eat-in island counters.

2)For COUNTERTOPS: Light neutral tones work best to brighten small spaces. You may also opt for butcher block counters which lends a polished country charm to the room. As much as possible, stay away from dark granite or marble countertops as these will make the space look too traditional.

3)For the FLOORING: Hardwood floor plays a major role in a cottage style kitchen. For a casual country charm, choose wood stains that allow the natural characteristics of the wood to show through. Another option is to have your kitchen floor painted. A whitewash on your wood floor brightens up your space.

4)For CABINETS: Cabinets usually have beadboard bases and frosted glass doors. In addition, cottage kitchens also utilize open dish display cabinets and hanging pot and pan racks over the stove or kitchen island. Installing sturdy hooks under cabinets is a great way to showcase your collection of teacups as well as utilize this otherwise wasted space for extra storage.

5)FOR LIGHTING: Look for lights that are made from wrought iron and frosted glass. Pendant lighting is also a good choice for your cottage kitchen. Stay away from modern globe lighting or other designs that are too ornate.

6)FOR THE WINDOWS: Use tiered curtains, swags and valances.

Depending on what style you are trying to achieve, cottage kitchens can be either rustic or modern. The best choice would be to combine these two designs because your kitchen will be more effective. You can check out some of our suggestions and find the best solution that matches your needs. We have a couple of examples for you.



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