Monday, April 19, 2021

Getting a proper faucet for your kitchen can be a challenge, especially if you are not experienced with this kind of things. There are many styles and types that you can choose from and whatever you choose, it will last you a long time probably.

In order to search for the best kitchen faucets, you need to take into consideration a few things. This relates not only to a price but also to height, type and orientation of the faucet. This article is designed to explain to you basic things that you must consider when picking the faucet.

Do not pick a one because of look

The majority of people tends to pick the one just because the faucet looks cool. That is a big mistake. Of course, aesthetics is important for the overall look and design. However, you need to consider: spout height, the type of sprayer, amount of holes in a sink and handles. Also, the price may be high for some faucets even though they are not much better than some that are cheaper.


How to choose best faucet

Generally, you can get great faucet for $70-80 and it will give you quality and durability. Make sure you check the spout height and reach. Also, take into consideration the position of it, since the cabinet above it may condition you to choose anything but a tall one. Depending on the type of sink, you may choose a short reach spout so it could fit into the place.

Type of material and finish

A lot of times happens that a faucet starts dripping after some time. Usually, the metal ones corrode after some time and start leaking. To eliminate the problem, you should pick a ceramic one as it provides a high-level of quality and reliability. The ceramic valves ensure the steady and drip-free water flow and they do not cost anything more than any metal one.

When it comes to finishes, you must know that these must match to the rest of the elements in your room. A polished chrome, satin nickel or bronze one is a fantastic choice in terms of finish and these provide great durability.

However, have in mind that these are prone to fingerprints and watermarks, so you have to clean them all the time. Some of these are more or less resistant to scratches but in any case, you need to take care of them so they look good.

Watch out for holes in your sink

Whether you choose a single-handed or two-handed faucet depends solely on the number of holes you have in your sink. Usually, the sinks have three holes: hot water, cold water and under the spout.

If you are buying a whole new kitchen, do buy sink with three holes, as you can switch to single-handed in case you want. In addition, check the label to make sure you buy the appropriate one.

Although single-handed are the most easier to maintain, two-handle faucets have the symmetry that gives the fantastic overall look to the whole kitchen.




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