Saturday, November 28, 2020

A galley kitchen design is best if you have limited space for your kitchen. That is the main reason why this type of kitchen design is ideal for apartments, condos, townhouses and smaller homes. A typical galley kitchen design features two counters that run parallel to each other with appliances spaced along them. Since everything is within reach in a galley kitchen design, the major advantages therefore of this type of kitchen is the ability of a cook to turn from one counter to the other without walking any distance.

However, the major drawback of the galley kitchen design is the constrained floor space, making it difficult for more than one person to fit in. Thus, if you need to have more than 1 person cooking at a time, or like that open feel that newer designs have, then a galley kitchen might not be for you. Generally, galley kitchens have no room for a table and chairs and storage space is at a premium. If you have lots of space and still want to have a galley kitchen style, then you can always have a bigger galley kitchen such as in the examples below.

Why are galley kitchens a good option?

It’s easy to think about appliances – a galley kitchen is ideal for placement of large kitchen appliances. You maybe have already heard about the organization and their arrangement in a triangle formation. But, for those who haven’t, the kitchen triangle is made of the oven, sink, and refrigerator. In this case, the sink is placed between fridge and oven. The kitchen triangle is linked to improve efficiency in cooking.

Parallel wall offers maximum storage – many people think that small kitchens should have only one partition, to save on space. But, they are wrong. Another wall will not only double the amount space but also improve your storage potential, which is something every kitchen need. In this case, the galley kitchen serves as an excellent way to put a precious space in use, and you can even create an illusion.

If you are planning to add a galley kitchen in your condominium or apartment, then here are some nice galley kitchen designs to inspire you. To know more about each galley kitchen design, simply click on the text link found below each image and it will take you to a new page where it was originally posted.




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