Saturday, November 28, 2020

Flaying on airplane, especially with your dog can be a bit of a problem, especially if you are not experienced in this. Also, getting the best dog bed for older dogs may be too complicated to you and for this reason, we have prepared a few tips for you.

These will help you to get through the flight much easier with your pet, especially if you are going for a long flight!

See the vet before the flight

One of the things you should do prior to the flight is to visit your vet. The reason for this is that your pet will get the vaccines as well as the confirmation that is healthy. Explain to the vet that you are planning to travel with him.

Jack Russel With Sunglasses

Jack Russel With Little Suitcase

In this case, especially if you have a nervous dog, the vet will prescribe the mild sedatives for your dog so he could sleep over the flight. This can save your dog from being nervous and anxious, which is often the case on the airplane.

If your dog has any conditions, make sure you mention these to the vet so he could know what to do.

Buy the right crate/bed

One of the things you must know is that your dog needs a crate/bed for traveling, whether you go by bus or airplane. It is your goal to make him comfortable in the airplane, as much as it is possible. Do not forget to consider the amount of room that he has in the crate you get him. Yo do not want to buy one that is too small as this can make him uncomfortable.

Dog In Bag

White Dog In Bag Is Ready For Travel

Also, consider its weight as you need something that is made of hardwood or hard plastic to withstand its weight. But the most important thing – before you go onto the airplane, make sure to research about the company’s rules about the pets. You do not want to leave your friend at home because the airline does not allow pets onboard.

Make sure to allow your dog to pee upon landing

Just like anyone has bathroom needs, dogs have these as well. Upon landing, make sure you get him out and let him walk a bit to “use a restroom”.

You do not want to make him wait as this is not good for his health. If he has to hold, he will become eventually aggressive and you surely do not want that in the airplane.

Do not get on board with a hungry dog

One thing you must have in mind that your dog must not be hungry before boarding in. A hungry dog is aggressive and can be highly anxious, which reflects on his behavior. Before you place him in the crate, make sure you give him enough food so he is not hungry. If you can, get a small bowl for him to have it with him to ensure he has food if gets hungry.



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