Decorating Tuscan kitchens is easy because the style is functional whereas other kitchen themes focus more on using decorative accessories. Actually, if you want to set up a Tuscan kitchen, all you need is as simple as paint and a few touches. The use of warm colors of the Tuscan kitchen theme makes the kitchen an inviting place for friends and family. Ideally, wood is left unpainted, wall decor is kept to a minimum and the furniture is often well-worn wood. Open shelves and freestanding furniture are used instead of custom built-ins. Stone, iron, ceramics, terra cotta and plants are common elements in the Tuscan theme.

If you are looking for some tips on how to decorate a Tuscan kitchen, here is an excerpt from an article at

(1) The walls in a Tuscan kitchen have a unique, old-world look. You can achieve this using a faux painting technique. First, you paint the walls a bright base color such as butterscotch or butter yellow. Then, sponge on a deeper shade so that the walls look as though they have faded in some spots.

(2) For cabinet doors, use a strong, contrasting color to really give your Tuscan kitchen character. Deep reds and bright forest greens are especially popular on cupboard doors.

(3) A Tuscan kitchen harkens thoughts of family and friends. A large table with simple chairs is a sure invitation to your own family to spend quality time in the kitchen.

(4) Browse through kitchen supply stores and you’ll find a dazzling array of decanters for oils and spices. In a Tuscan kitchen, cooking ingredients are often stored in plain sight. Glass jars filled with dried beans and pasta should line your counters, along with terra cotta planters and cooking utensil holders.

(5) A Tuscany kitchen features a lot of natural materials, such as wood. This is an essential element you should leave out. But, make sure to present it in its natural state. Any piece of furniture you buy, make sure it’s made of wood. With will provide comfort and coziness to your kitchen.


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