Custom Decals for your Swimming Pool by Skine

Make your any swimming pool beautiful and interesting by putting custom decals. Although the design of the custom decals appears to be painted or tiled onto the floors of the swimming pool, they are actually a PVC decal resting on the bottom. Using custom decals is also ideal if you are running an advertisement or product promotions.

Here, we would like to feature some of the most interesting custom decals designed by french manufacturer Skine. Try putting on some tropical palm and coconut trees, dolphins, some hibiscus and other really trendy classic, floral and aquatic designs. And, since these custom decals are made of UV and water resistant materials, these can be easily installed and removed.




custom-swimming-pool-decals3 custom-swimming-pool-decals4



Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information about this swimming pool decals.

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  1. We have been asked by one of our clients to produce a custom logo pool decal or slick for the bottom of a hotel pool. This would be part of a welcome reception “decor” piece. Can you help us out? Please call Shana Eggers or Barb Smith at 760-200-0112 so we can get some parameters of what you need and some cost ranges to produce this. Thank you.

  2. You can contact the manufacturer of these decals to know more about these items. Link is provided in the post above. We do not make these decals, sorry.

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