Monday, April 19, 2021

Bedroom decorating is all about creativity and personality. So, what’s a better option than Bohemian decorating style in your bedroom? Bohemian decorating is personal and original. It came from the word Bohemians which refer to people who reject social conventions and prefer to have non-traditional lifestyles such as writers, artists, and musicians. So, when decorating a Bohemian bedroom, it is important to inject your personal style and try to come up with something that exudes warmth, freedom and creativity. However, even if Bohemian decorating means freestyle decorating, there are some basic elements that can be observed when adopting this decorating style.

1.Paint your walls in colorful and deep hues

2.Colors are very important in Bohemian decorating. Bohemian bedroom usually has multiple colors in rick and warm hues. You can achieve this by painting walls red, orange, purple, hot pink or blue. Accent colors can be added through the bed linens, pillows, and window treatments. Bohemian Bedroom should look artistic. So, try covering your walls with unusual tapestries and another artwork.

3.Opt for light fixtures and lamps that cast deep hues. Using lights that produce dramatic color such as pink or red-light bulbs can reinforce your Bohemian styled bedroom. You may also try to alter the lighting by using colorful lamp shades.

4.Bohemian furniture such as vintage and Victorian styled bed frames and chairs are perfect for your Bohemian Bedroom. Search for pieces that are unique and stand out on their own.

5.Accessorize freely. Look for things that have meaning or those that look like they were from around the world. In addition, objects that sparkle also go well with this decorating style such as glass beads, crystals hanging from lampshades and shiny light fixtures that give off a warm glow. Dress up the bed. It is best to use quilt or duvet in rich color. Bring in an assortment of pillows in a different colors and textures. Think also of colorful blankets for layered color and added texture. A sheer mosquito net or canopy is also a good option.

  1. Regardless of shades or smoothens, there is always a touch of wood in a bohemian bedroom. Wood is an essential element that provides coziness and warmth. You have a lot of options and use wood in many ways. Whether it’s a rough bed pallet or floor itself, your room will not be complete without wood. You can use it in its natural state or add some shiny touches.


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