Colorful Modular Seating Lets You Design Your Space Freely

Modular Seating likeMeritalia’s “La Michetta” is a great way if you want flexibility in designing your own space. These Tofu-like modular blocks can by arranged in any way you want, allowing you to have your very own designer’s seat. La Michetta features a wooden structure and polyurethane and  upholstered in 100% cotton velvet. Although mass produced, each piece inevitably carries its own unique, characteristic pattern. We are sure you will have fun creating your unique space with these modular seating blocks. The blocks are also colorful, which is perfect for your receiving area, bedroom corner, guest room or kids’ playroom.

colorful modular seating

Notes from manufacturer: “La Michetta” sofa system is composed of an armrest, two different sized seats and backs, and a vertical ‘menhir’ tower. Each piece can be freely positioned and combined with any of the other elements. Stainless steel clips are provided to ensure stability.

modular-seating with arm rest

The name “La Michetta” refers to the puffy hard-crust bread familiar to Milan. The placement of the buttons on each of the elements is free and random, so each piece is unique.

puffy modular seating

Below are some pictures to inspire you in designing your space using these modular seating blocks.

living room with modular seats

office with modular seats

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