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How to Decorate a Victorian Living Room: Tips and Examples

Posted by on Mar 13, 2012 in Living Rooms | 0 comments

The Victorian era of British history was the period of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837  to 1901. It was said to be the age of imitation and reproduction. Every style from Gothic to rococo was revived during these years and most of the times, more than one style influenced a sole piece. Thus, when we say Victorian living room, it essentially refers to something that is taken from this era. A Victorian living room is a formal yet busy room. During the early times, this kind of living room setup was used to show off a family’s finest pieces and collection. Below are some tips on how to create a Victorian living room from 1) Do not be afraid to use bright colors for your Victorian living room. Colors such as purple, mauve, bottle-green and red are just...

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15 Beautiful sectional sofas for small spaces

Posted by on Mar 6, 2011 in Furniture, Living Rooms | 0 comments

Sectional sofas, especially for small spaces like in condominiums and apartments, have become more and more popular due to its ability to make spaces look more spacious and at at the same time luxurious and trendy. The biggest advantage of sectional sofas is its ability  to seat more people. So if you are living in an apartment and would like to invite friends to a party, then having a sectional sofa can give your guests enough comfortable seats. Because of its L-shape, sectional sofas can also be easily placed at any corner of your living room, leaving plenty of space for other pieces of furniture such as a coffee table in the middle or a small showcase on the sides.  Sectional sofas are also easy to rearrange. Sectional sofas are also lighter than the traditional sofas, thus, you can...

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Tips on Decorating Purple Living Room

Posted by on Feb 25, 2011 in Living Rooms | 0 comments

Purple is my favorite color. However, it never crossed my mind to paint my living room walls with purple. For me, it is a bold choice and if not done properly, the result could be disastrous and unappealing. But when I stumbled upon pictures of very attractive purple living rooms, I was convinced that purple could definitely be a good choice for creating an inviting and beautiful living room. The greatest advantage of using purple as the color scheme for your living room is the the availability of numerous shades of purple. You can choose from different values of light and dark, and tonal ranges between blue and red within the purple color scheme. Lighter and bluer shades of purple can help you create a living room that is very relaxing. This is ideal for warmer climates. On the...

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13 Living Room Shelving Solutions for Displaying Your Collections

Posted by on Jan 29, 2011 in Furniture, Living Rooms | 1 comment

Living room shelving is not just a decorative option. It also gives you extra room for your stuffs. For example, you can use living room shelving to display books that you love and collected through the years, show off trophies you and your kids’ won in the past, display your favorite family pictures, store your precious heirlooms, collections and other stuffs. One of the most popular room shelving solutions are bookcases. They are not only useful for storing and displaying books. Bookcases can also be used for for vases and other collections. However, lately, designers have come up with amazing living room shelving solutions for designed for modern interiors. Below, you will find 13 interesting living room shelving solutions. These products are available online and you can visit the merchant by clicking on the text link found below the...

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Decorating a shabby chic living room: tips and examples

Posted by on Jan 15, 2011 in Living Rooms | 0 comments

Decorating a shabby chic living room is your best choice if you want a super stylish and trendy look without spending too much. Shabby chic, by the way, refers to a decorating style that makes use vintage accessories, pastels, and comfortable furniture to achieve a comfortable and casual style with warm and inviting feel. This style actually not too different from our grandmother’s decorating style: lace tablecloths, dreamy soft floral fabrics, light painted furniture, wrought iron curtain rods with filmy sheer curtains, and colorful fresh flowers. Another main aspect of decorating in shabby chic is the use of “barely there” pastel colors for wall treatments or furniture and flea market finds to furnish and accessorize. In other words, shabby chic means the use of “not perfect” looking items, vintage fabrics, white furniture combined with lots of creativity! To help...

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Living Room Colors: 15 Red and White Living Room Designs

Posted by on Dec 7, 2010 in Living Rooms | 0 comments

Red is one of the most popular living room color. Combine Red with White and you get a high contrasting and interesting interior. Red and white seem to work really well together because of their contrasting characteristics: white is subtle while red is intense. For example, adding red accents in a rather boring plain white interiors (white walls, white furniture) is the easiest way to add a kick in a living room. People actually choose to decorate their living room in different proportions of red and white. Some prefer to use red as the dominant color (walls, furniture and rugs in red) while some use red sparingly as accents (curtains, throw pillows or paintings on the walls).  Below are 15 inspiring examples of living room in red and white.  Some of these living room images are 3D rendetions while...

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