Monday, April 19, 2021

Brown is a favorite color for bedrooms because this color gives the impression of classic, and yet modern at the same time. Thus, having a brown bedroom will never be old-fashioned. Brown, being a neutral color, is very versatile and can be combined with many other colors. This color is also suited for both men and women so it is an ideal color theme for a master bedroom or a guest room.

For a soft and calming effect, try combining light brown with sky blue. For example, you can color your walls with light browns and accessories your room with sky blue. You can use both brown and blue for decorative throw pillows. To avoid using too much of either color, use white as a detail color. White shelves, pillow cases and curtains stand out against the brown and blue decorations in your bedroom.

For a dark and outdoorsy effect, try combining a darker shade of brown such as chocolate brown with hunter green. However, if you feel that this color combination creates too much dark hues, then use a lighter brown for the walls. Dark green curtains and rugs coordinate well with a chocolate brown bedspread and furniture.

Brown also look good when combined with prints and patterns. For a wild, safari-inspired look, mix and match different brown colored animal prints throughout your bedroom. Ivory is used as an accent color as it blends against the different shades of brown without appearing too light.

Brown shade provides you a lot of opportunities to decorate your bedroom. When combining different shades or brown, you can get a warm and welcoming look, and that’s precisely what we all need. After long working hours, we just need peace and place to lay down. The bedroom that has vivid and bold colors and can appear too chaotic and provide the opposite effect. On the other hand, warm shades are ideal for this task. There are a lot of options you can combine here. For example, you can choose deep brown bed and bedside tables and blend them with soft brown walls and carpets. This will provide you an excellent contrast.

For more ideas, you can look at below our suggestions for the room design. We have compiled 15 different rooms that can serve as an inspiration and are a perfect choice for people who lack ideas. Make sure to check them out and give us your feedback.



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