20 Examples of Cozy Reading Nooks for Kids

Introduce your kids to the joy of reading by giving them a special place to read and hang out. Especially in this age  of technology with the increasing use of eReaders like Kindle and Nook, it would really be difficult to encourage kids to read real books. But, if you create a cozy nook for them so they can snuggle up with their favorite book, reading could become more of a fun activity.

Setting up a cozy reading nook in your home does not have to be complicated. It could be a corner inside your kids’ room or an empty space in a hallway. Just add in bookshelves or bins for books and toys, some comfortable floor cushions, a big beanbag chair and some pillows to instantly create a fun space for reading, playing and hanging out.


Below, we gathered 20 cozy examples of reading nooks for kids where you can draw some inspiration for creating your own reading corner. To know more about each project, simply follow the link to the source provided below each preview image. Most of these projects are DIY initiatives that are properly documented. I’m pretty sure you will learn a lot by browsing through them.

01: Simple and Cozy Kids’ Book Nook from Visual Meringue
An old closet turned cute kids’ reading nook.  Adding a bean bag with a football or soccer design magically makes this room an interesting place to hang out for your kid.

kids reading nook with soccer bean bag


02: Kids’ Reading Spot by Weekday Carnival
This spot is not only good for reading books. It is also a cozy place for napping.

kids reading nook that doubles as playroom


03: Clean and Scentible Reading Nook
A clean nook that serves not only as reading area but also for painting, drawing and playing, in general. Envelope pillow cases,some quilts and a sign that says “READ” make the corner look more fun. the rin gutter bookshelves. also make it easier for the kids to pick out and put back their books.

kids reading nook in muted colors


04:  Book Corner for Organizing Kids Stuff
A corner where you can easily put together books and other kiddie stuff. I love how bright red against white color scheme was used in this reading corner.

 Book Corner for Organizing Kids Stuff


05: Playroom Reading Nook by Attempting Aloha
Another DIY reading nook for kids project with bookshelves and a bean bag. Good inspiration if you have an empty hallway with a window such as this.

Playroom Reading Nook on hallway


06: Closet Turned Book Nook by Thrifty Decor Chick
Find out in this blog how a closet was converted into a fun reading nook for kids. The area can also be a cozy place for short naps.

Closet Turned Book Nook for kids


07: Play-in is the New Walk In Closet
An ordinary closet turned into a small hide out for kids. It turned out, the area is something that feels like a little nest for kids where they can play and read good books.

walk-in closet Turned Book Nook for kids


08: A corner reading nook with easy access to books. Books were arranged in bins with the spines facing up and organized by category. Then, an oversized chair was added just in case the kid grow into it or if she cuddle up and read with her brother or a friend.

kids reading nook with floral pink bean bag


09: Indoor Tree House for Reading
Make reading more fun for kids by creating an indoor tree house. Kids can choose to read or play down or up using a wooden ladder.

kids reading nook-indoor tree house


10: When is a Closet not a Closet? – When it is a Reading Nook!
This is another DIY project. A full size closet was converted into a nook for reading, sleepovers or just hanging out.  Books can be arranged in bookshelves on top while toys can be put inside bins below the seat.

closet converted to kids reading nook


11: Playroom Reading Nook for Girls

Kids Playroom and Reading Nook for girls


12: A reading nook, a growing library

kids reading nook with blue bean bag


13: Playroom with tent for reading from RH Baby and Child

kids playroom with tent as reading nook


14: Seiji’s $12 Reading Nook via Apartment Therapy

simple kids reading nook  with pillows and rug


15: Playroom Canvas Reading Tent


kids reading nook- Playroom Canvas Reading Tent


16: Playroom with Reading Nook

kids reading nook-playroom


17: Wasted Space to Reading Nook with Colorful Curtain

kids reading nook with colorful curtain


18: Charm’s New Shelves

kids reading nook


19:  Book Nook with Spice Rack as Book Shelves

kids reading nook with spice racks as bookshelves


20: M’s Reading Nook With Cocoon Hanging from the Book Shelf Designed like a Tree

kids reading nook with cocoon hanging from tree



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