12 Unconventional Fruit Tray Designs

Like most things, fruit can get boring, too! Make your kids and other family members love fruits by giving them a new and stylish home with these 12 unconventional and fun fruit tray designs. A beautiful tray of shiny fruit will surely catch everyone’s attention.

01– The Ring
This fruit tray allows you to literally hang fruits on the wall.Called the Ring, this unusual fruit tray is made of porcelain and is not intended to be placed on the dining table or kitchen unit. Instead, it functions as a decorative art that you can hung on your wall to create something like a modern version of still life fruit paintings. To use the fruit tray, simply put the fruits at the top and if you want to have a bite, simply take one from the bottom opening. There are also openings at both sides of the ring so you can gauge if you still have enough fruit on it.

the ring-round fruit tray display


 02– Fruit Slide

The idea was to go beyond the traditional fruit bowl and create an exciting and playful interior element. Load the slide with your favorite fruit and once one is taken the fruit line starts to roll.



03– Art Fruit
A fruit bowl serving both as a display and a controlled environment, preserving fruit and vegetables longer.

fruit-tray-display fruit-tray-display1


04– Hex A Bowl Version 1
Designed by Colin Kelly of Glasgow, Scotland, this hexagon-shaped fruit tray is made with stainless steel and has dimensions of H 3.5″ x L 19″ x w 19″.



05– Flat Knot is a fruit bowl made from a flat sheet of steel which is then warped and knotted into itself. Not only is it a practical way to hold fruit, but the Flat Knot Bowl is a feature in it’s own right, as the unique shape and the warped reflections on it’s surface make it an ideal center piece when empty also.

flat sheet steel fruit tray flat sheet steel fruit tray


06-Alessi Fruit Loop
Australian designer Lisa Vincitorio created this unique bowl for Alessi, with the typical Alessi collector in mind. The fruit bowl is made from stainless steel and offers a unique take to the standard fruit bowl. The dispenser-like functionality will definitely get noticed sitting on your table.



07– Cocoon Fruit Bowl
The Cocoon Fruit Bowl, designed by Philippi, has a unique shape and an oval opening that provides a nice view on the fresh fruits you put in. This beautiful object of desire is made of mirror polished stainless steel and will look nice in modern kitchens.



08– Vessel
These are fruit bowls from Belgian artist Helena Schepens. Have fun rolling them around after eating those grapes and bananas!

wooden-rolling-fruit-tray wooden-rolling-fruit-tray


09– Roller Coaster Fruit Tray
This roller coaster tray has shiny finish – originally developed for space travel performance – making it an excellent choice for both extreme conditions in shape, where thermal shock can reach up to 2000c and for daily household abuse and UV exposure.

roller-coaster-fruit-tray roller-coaster-fruit-tray


10– Serpentine fruit bowl
This modern fruit bowl has undulating edges design style, make a perfect home accessories with contemporary silhouette in your interior design. Display it sans fruit, breads, chips or filled to the brim with them. Imagine it, too, full of tiny floating blooms. In stainless steel.



11– Bubblicious
Bubblicious is a fruit bowl comprised of varying volumes of spheres, that allows you to place fruits of different sizes, in a way that enables to position the object in a new equilibrium each time, due to the change in the center of gravity. The fruit bowl design is really innovative and can easily make your fruits look really good.

bubble-fruit-tray bubble-fruit-tray


12-Triangle Fruit Bowl
If you are a billards fan, then displaying fruits in this triangle fruit tray that resembles a billiards triangle used for starting the game would be fun.



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