10 Odd Yet Fun Pillow Designs

Last time, we wrote about the 10 most bizarre bedsheets. To complete the package we decided to come up with another roundup and this time we pooled together 10 odd yet fun pillow designs for you to checkout. You can make a room interesting by decorating it with one of these pillows, which are also great conversation pieces for any room in your house.

Who wouldn’t love a pillow made up of velcro corn kernels, show of hands please. The Sweetcorn Pillow makes all your corny fantasies come true. Pluck them, chuck them, play with them, but please don’t butter and eat them.



o2-Livingstones: Pillows That Look Like Rocks
The Livingstones, made by a French company,  come in sizes ranging from 6.1 inches to 6.6 feet, all with the right, natural-looking proportions. Based on the picture below, it appears that kids love sleeping in them and they look good in a ridiculously modern room.



o3-The Fake Blood Pillow
This pillow design looks very real and scary. However if you enjoy scaring your friends and family by doing a not so-good joke even while you are taking a nap, then this one is perfect for you.



o4-Girlfriend Lap Pillow
Shaped like the legs of a kneeling woman in a short skirt, this Japanese pillow is described as “a comfy cushion for napping, reading or watching television.” The girlfriend lap pillow comes with realistic-to-the-touch legs and a tight short polyester skirt in your choice of black or red.



o5-The Boyfriend Arm Pillow
The Boyfriend Arm Pillow is a Japanese product aimed at Japanese who like sleeping with their head on their partner’s chest but don’t have a partner to do it with, or have given up on the standard model and are trying to reconstruct a better boyfriend. So far they’ve got the shape right and have it padded appropriately for comfort, they’ve eliminated all the sounds and smells of the standard boyfriend and have even added an alarm clock which gently shakes the arm when it’s time to get up.



o6-A Crazy Xbox 360 Controller Pillow by Crafty Heidi
If you are an Xbox fan then you can definitely not miss this giant Xbox 360 controller pillow.



o7— “Cocaine-chic” pillow
CarteBlanche is the brain child of French Designers Jean-Philippe and Gaston Valeur- a “new luxury products company pioneering cocaine-chic couture”. It would be nice to see one of these pillows in a doctor’s office or in a hip lounge bar. These would be nice also if the designers could come up with different colors and shapes and sizes.



o8-iSleep pillow
While catching up for piled-up work using your laptop, you will barely have much time for a break. How you wish that you could just use your laptop as pillow and take a quick nap on your desk.iSleep pillow makes it possible. You just need to attach iSleep pillow to your laptop’s exhaust vent and it will make use of the warm air to inflate and heat itself up to form a warm pillow for the cold winter nights.Unfortunately, iSleep still remains as a concept that was designed by Ivonne Dippmann.



o9-Nintendo Controller pillows
A nice retro rest for your favorite geek gamer.



10-Horse head pillow
A custom severed horse head plush that is actually quite comfortable to sleep on, albeit just a tad on the south side of morbid.



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