10 modern unique wall clocks for your home

In modern times, wall clocks have many different uses in decorating various rooms in the home. Naturally, wall clocks are used to accurately display the time at any given time throughout the day. These days, however, modern wall clocks are becoming more and more popular as central piece of decoration that can bring out or highlight a particular decorative theme throughout the home, or a particular room in the home. Here is a collection of modern unique wall clocks that will look great on any wall in your home. These unique wall clocks may not be able to stop time, but these unique wall clocks will surely look spectacular in your contemporary home decor.

01 – QLOCKTWO: A Unique Wall Clock That Hates Numbers
This funky unique wall clock, which was earlier only available in German, is now available in an English version. Good news to all people who abhore numbers because this word clock prefers words more than numbers and adds some glam to your room at the same time. This QLOCKTWO designed by Beirgert and Funk is available variety of color choices and carries a price tag of about $1600.


02 – Geeky Math Clock
This lovely new timepiece appears to have been hand-written by that evil math teacher we all had to endure. Each hour is marked by a simple math problem. Solve it and solve the riddle of time. Or, you can just know that “52 – x2 + x = 10” happens to live in the “7 o’clock” position* and be done with it. This unique wall clock is 11.5 inches in diameter and features Black “chalkboard” texture with painted numbers and a Quartz movement with sweep second-hand.


03 -Mixed Numbers Red Clock
A very unique wall clock from Karlsson which features a clock face full of mixed up numbers in a red satin finish and polished metal hands makes a great feature on any wall and at 48cm diameter will always be a focal point. Also available in black, silver and white see wall clocks.


04 -Uhrzahl – a Cool Modern Unique Wall Clock
This modern wall clock, called Uhrzahl, is produced by Heintze & Blanckertz a small manufacturer of arts and crafts, which was founded in 1842. It cooperated in early 20th century with famous graphic designers like Rudolf Koch, Paul Renner and Edward Johnston, so Christos tried to design a product on the interface between graphic and product design. The watch hands are the same like on old German station clocks (but the smaller size).


05 -Unique Modern Wall Clock with an Explosive Flair
This explosive wall clock’s modern quality is found in its unique design that separates it from its usually rather boring counterparts. For a room which needs a dynamic flair, then this clock is the answer. Each numeral is made from black matte metal and sits dynamically around the center body of the clock face. This modern wall clock will suit an interior that’s basking in its own funkiness. An artist’s studio, a writer’s study, a musician’s piano room will all be natural backdrops to this wall clock’s modern style. A trendy living room or basement that caters for guests will find an added accent that will compliment the overall ambiance.


06 – Bubble Clox
Bubble CloX from Darien Lee is a new twist on the modern wall mounted clock. The 4” spherical face is bright and refreshing all of the time and its hands curve to meet the shape of its face. Bubble CloX are available in various colors and feature a quartz movement.


07 – Random Time Infinite Wall Clock
Rnd_time is a fascinating wall clock from the minds of progetti srl, Italy. the most unusual feature of this clock lies in its entirely random application to the wall, hence the name “rnd_time”, where “rnd” is used to indicate the random factor. Each cube is made in nylon plastic, one cube for each hour, another to house the clock hands and battery. All the elements attach to the wall using screws and wall plugs provided, according to your own design sensibilities. Rnd_time is available as black cubes with white numbers and visa versa. quartz movement.


08 – Oblong Gear Wall Clock
This modern unique clock features a column of exposed, rotating gears with an hour-marked strip of glass which also protects curious fingers.


09 – LED Wall Clock
By rapidly spinning a blade that contains an array of flashing LEDs, this wall clock tells time in a visually striking way. A thin LED arm, loaded with 33 LEDs spins at 30 revolutions per second to create the illusion of a complete image. When the blade is spinning at full speed, it tricks your eyes into thinking there are nearly 8000 LEDs. The clocks feature several display options including digital, analog and pendulum modes and can also display text messages with up to 240 characters. Plus, an included wireless remote lets to control the display settings from across the room. Each unit is handmade from black and clear acrylic and features an ultra-quiet motor for spinning the LED blade.


10 – Insert by Leo Yiu
Hong Kong designer Leo Yiu has created a clock that protrudes at an angle from the wall it’s mounted on. Called Insert, the timepiece has a slice cut from one side of the face that creates a flat edge for hanging it.


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