10 Creative and Off-beat Floor Rugs Designs

Floor rugs are a common and highly popular decorative objects, which serves, nonetheless, practical purposes as well. Floor rugs usually come in small sizes, and are placed in homes on certain areas of the floor, which are most likely to be trod on.  But floor rugs can also be extraordinary. Just like other furniture items, floor rugs are also enjoying a creative comeback. Just look at the very unique and creative floor rugs featured in this post.

01– Stepping Stones
This rug is actually made of natural stones from rivers in China and could be used for both indoor or outdoor. The designer guarantees that no two rugs are alike. To clean the rug and retain its shine, just wipe with damp cotton or cloth.


02– Pebble Rug
The Pebble Rug from 2Form Design may look like it’s made of real pebbles, but it’s actually crafted out of 100% wool. It looks good, and makes you feel like you are in the middle of nature, near a mountain river. If you have anything in the house that occasionally projectile vomits, you might want to choose a floor covering with less texture, ‘cause whatever gets between those pebbles is gonna wanna stay between those pebbles.


03– Sunny Side Up rug
The whimsical rug is a luxurious shag with two leather pillows resembling egg yolks.This egg rug with the yolks serving as head cushions are perfect for lounging on the floor and watching TV in true comfort.


04– Flying Carpet
The Flying Carpet by Nanimarquina is a comfortable and flexible system, sure to spark your imagination. This topographical marvel of a rug is multi-functional. You can use it as a mini sofa to watch a football match or sit on it while playing on your console. The floor rug carries a tag price of $1,525.00.


05– Bedside Slippers Rug
This bedside floor rug is perfect for those Winter mornings when it is too difficult to get out of bed because the you know the floor is bitterly cold. This beside rug features a built-in slippers that you can use.


06– Little Field of Flowers Rug
These flower shaped pieces of felt gives this carpet a beautiful appearance. Its surface is full of constant movement and volume. It is a modern rug which asks to be touched, caressed and experienced. It is truly unique and each rug is intricately handmade using a hand loomed technique.This floor rug is available in four different color combination and two sizes.It is durable as it is hand made and knotted to perfection.


07– Woody Wood Rug
Woody Wood by Yvette Laduk (YL design) is a round carpet with a print of cross-section of a tree. The Laduk-rug is made of strong material, used in the contract market and is made to last. The rug’s border is cut, burned and sprayed – making this a long-lasting natural beauty.


08-Barcode Doormat
After the robot uprising, Human beings will become little more than chattle – well cared for and healthy, but are ultimately slaves to their mechanized masters. Pure efficiency is the rule, and so everything on Earth will be catalogued, categorized, and barcoded.Place this stylish doormat in front of your domicile to show you are open and happy to be included in the first generation of capitulators.Nothing says you love your digital deities like a welcome mat in barcode!


09– Amazed Rugs
This floor rug appears to have been run over by a 4×4 vehicle or tractors. This would surely make a fabulous talking point and a terrific gift.


10– Roses Rug
Designed by Nani Marquina. These soft and beautiful handmade rugs define a space with rich colors and textures that take their inspiration from nature but communicate it in a truly unique way. A great way to take the floor to new heights. Dyed felt, 100% Wool. Hand loomed. Available in Red, Chocolate, Grey and Ivory.


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