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10 Christmas Decorating Ideas Plus 10 Dazzling Examples

Do you love to decorate your home, your bedroom, your tree, your living room, your dining room, and your front entry for Christmas? If you do, then  read this post which feature ten practical Christmas decorating ideas and 10 dazzling examples. Start filling your home with holiday cheer by putting up festive Christmas home decors using the traditional Christmas trees, mantel Christmas decorations, Christmas wreaths, Christmas lights, among many other things. In no particular order, here are ten awesome Christmas decorating ideas and examples:

Christmas Decorating Idea 01 -Mantel Christmas Decorations
When you think of Christmas, the first thing to come to mind is family. If you have a fireplace with a mantel then now is the best time to decorate it. Usually mantel is a center of attention in most living rooms. In fact, a lot of family photos are usually made near the mantel. That is why everybody wants to make the mantel decorations perfect. Here are some cool examples of fireplace mantel Christmas decorations that would surely earn you praises from family and friends.

christmas decorating ideas
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Christmas Decorating Idea 02- Modern Christmas Tree Decorating
Another Christian tradition that has lived up to these days is the display of Christmas trees during the holiday season. You can choose from a wide variety of trees in different colors and textures. We usually decorate Christmas trees with lights, balls, bells, flowers, etc.

christmas decorating ideas
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Christmas Decorating Idea 03- Christmas Centerpiece
Lay a festive table for Christmas entertaining. Get your dining room ready for Christmas in no time at all with these simple decorating ideas. Dress the table with festive red-and-white tableware, coloured glassware and cut-glass candlesticks. You may also wish to add berry-red and white decorations around the room. Hang big, bold paper stars and snow flakes low over the table, then add silver and crystal details for extra sparkle.

christmas decorating ideas
[via ideal home magazine]

Christmas Decorating Idea 04- Christmas Candles
Candles are like emblem of Christmas. They are everywhere during the season. Christmas candles could come in variety of forms and could be used in various places such as fireplace, table, tree, windows, etc. They could become a beautiful addition to your holidays decor.

christmas decorating ideas
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Christmas Decorating Idea 05- Christmas Wreaths Door Decor
Christmas wreaths are made of just about anything. The most common are the variety of greens, pine cones, berries and artificial fruits. Colors are usually green, red, white, yellow and other natural ones. Although evergreen wreaths can be bought from home centers and grocery stores, making one by yourself is a great process that you could be proud of. Getting some inspiration is always great so take a look at these entry doors decorated with holiday wreaths.

christmas decorating ideas
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Christmas Decorating Idea 06- Santa Display
If you have a collection of holiday decorations, try displaying similar objects together, like the Santa toys shown here. The wreath was made by hot-gluing a quirky selection of decorations to a base.

christmas decorating ideas
[via country living]

Christmas Decorating Idea 07- Pinecone Arrangement
Welcome guests with a dramatic swag of flocked sugar pine cones and lichen-covered twigs accented with incense cedar and other holiday greens right from the yard.

christmas decorating ideas
[via country living]

Christmas Decorating Idea 08- Christmas Lights
Lighting has almost taken over Christmas candles as they burn for longer periods of time and are comparably safer for decoration purposes. Especially Christmas trees have turned more charming, sparkling and magical with light strands illuminating them. With time, the art of installing Christmas lights has evolved to the level where it has become an art in itself. Lets see how to choose the color or combination of color of lights, check for the load of electricity that you can safely use, the different patterns in which to arrange the strings of light and how to install Christmas lights.

christmas decorating ideas
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Christmas Decorating Idea 09- A cool blue and silver christmas table
Want a very cool decorating idea for your Christmas table this year? Light blue and silver feel cool, wintery and make a refreshing color choice at Christmas. To make this look really stunning, stick to just these three colors and vary their texture.Just use a very simple light blue plates (white plates would also work). Instead of a place mat, scatter plastic snowflakes around the plate on a white tablecloth. Glass bowls work really well with this Christmas table scheme because they look cool – like ice.

christmas decorating ideas

Christmas Decorating Idea 10- Decorating using Christmas Ornaments
Christmas ornaments are not just for the tree. Extra ornaments can be found to have several uses, all that is needed is some fabulous ideas to help disperse them around. So spread some festive holiday cheer this season by decorating with ornaments throughout the house!

christmas decorating ideas
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