There is something about blue and white that people just love. Personally, it reminds me of Santorini’s white houses with the blue windows and doors, the blue domed churches and the blue sea. It is very relaxing, thus a perfect color combination for a living room or a family room. Try painting your walls white or white furniture combined with blue curtains and throw pillows. The blue and white color combination is ideal for light, bright rooms that you want to feel constantly fresh and relaxing.

Depending on your decorating style, every combo of blue shade can work, if it’s decorated well. Blue and white together can create many exciting looks together. One of the favorite looks combines deep navy blue and crisp white, also pale blue and soft cream. If you want to point out this color, then you can use a big punch of blue on sitting area or add a rug to make this color stand out. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a subtle look, you can sprinkle blue around the living room on pillows, curtains, and more.

Some tips can help you decorate your living room:

You can warm up this color palette with natural wood tones in light or medium colors. However, if you want to create a dynamic look, then create a contrast with dark wood tones.

Pale blue and cream shades provide a feminine and romantic look, while navy and white are more suitable for men.

When decorating a living room, make sure to select your patterns wisely because they can help you achieve the desired look. For instance: dip-dyed or ikat patterns offer a contemporary look, while trellis and damask are traditional patterns.

For a well-rounded look, you can use a full spectrum of blue, from light blue to bright azure. You don’t have to limit yourself only to walls but use this shade for furniture and accessories as well. In this way, you will achieve a modern look, without transforming your room in all-blue.

In this post, we put together 10 blue and white living room design ideas to get you inspired in creating your own blue and white living room. To know the details about each design ideas and view more suggestions from the author of each design, just click on the text link found below each preview image. I hope you will find these blue living room inspiring!


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