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20 Examples of Cozy Reading Nooks for Kids

Posted by on May 4, 2013 in Bathrooms | 0 comments

Introduce your kids to the joy of reading by giving them a special place to read and hang out. Especially in this age  of technology with the increasing use of eReaders like Kindle and Nook, it would really be difficult to encourage kids to read real books. But, if you create a cozy nook for them so they can snuggle up with their favorite book, reading could become more of a fun activity. Setting up a cozy reading nook in your home does not have to be complicated. It could be a corner inside your kids’ room or an empty space in a hallway. Just add in bookshelves or bins for books and toys, some comfortable floor cushions, a big beanbag chair and some pillows to instantly create a fun space for reading, playing and hanging out. Below, we gathered 20 cozy examples of reading nooks for kids where you can draw some inspiration for creating your own reading corner. To know more about each project, simply follow the link to the source provided below each preview image. Most of these projects are DIY initiatives that are properly documented. I’m pretty sure you will learn a lot by browsing through them. 01: Simple and Cozy Kids’ Book Nook from Visual Meringue An old closet turned...

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Home Gym Design Ideas: Useful Tips and Examples

Posted by on May 4, 2013 in Home Gym | 0 comments

Having a gym or exercise room right inside your house is an excellent idea if you want you and your family stay fit and healthy. By doing so, you have no more excuse for not exercising. You do not need to get up early since you can exercise any time of the day. Also, there is no need for you to drive or commute just to go to a gym. On top of that, you can use your gym forever so you save money on gym membership fees, which are quite expensive. I have been looking around for inspiration and tips on how to set up a home gym without breaking the bank. So here, I’m going to share with you some helpful tips and things to consider when setting up a home gym. 1.  In setting up a home gym, you do not need fancy and expensive equipment. All you need is an equipment to get your heart rate up for a cardio workout and some strength equipment to firm up. 2. Choose a corner in your house that you can put all your fitness gear. But, if you have a spare room for this, then that is so much better. 3. For basic equipment, these are the gear and equipment that most...

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Summer Home Decorating Ideas: 18 Front Porch Designs

Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Outdoor Decorating | 0 comments

Summer is the  best time to redecorate your porch. Having a comfortable front porch can expand your living room space that you can use for lounging or for entertaining guests. Having a porch bring to mind a welcoming, homey and relaxed atmosphere that reminds you to enjoy life at a slower pace. In the past, porch served as the “living room” of the home and therefore the social spot where one can converse with neighbors, cool off in summer...

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Chic All-Black Bathrooms for Inspiration

Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 in Bathrooms | 0 comments

Many people love the color black that they also want to have this color reflected in their bathrooms. However, an all black bathroom have been a very unpopular choice because it brings with it some unexpected eyesores. The number one complaint perhaps from people wanting an all black bathroom is that it looks creepy. Imagine waking up in the morning and going directly to an all-black bathroom. You might miss the furniture and fixture inside the bathroom. Another problem...

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5 Hanging Jewelry Organizers for the Style-Savvy

Posted by on Mar 22, 2012 in Organizers | 0 comments

Hanging jewelry organizers are a big space savers and at the same time make your jewelry easier to find.There are already many things to worry about in this life so make sure that simple tasks like untangling your necklaces every morning should not add up to them. So take a look at these five hanging jewelry organizers that will surely make your mornings less stressful. Aside from organizing your jewelry, these organizers will also keep your precious accessories from...

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Get Organized: 11 Creative Shoe Storage Ideas

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Fixtures, Furniture | 0 comments

If you are one of those people who happen to own too many pairs of shoes, then organizing them is always a big challenge. Shoe organization is such a pain. In storing and organizing shoes, your goal is to have all of your shoes quickly available to you. In case you are looking for some creative ways to organize your shoe collection, then here are 11 visually appealing shoe racks and organizers that you should check out. To know...

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Brown Bedrooms: 15 Ideas and Examples

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Bedrooms | 0 comments

Brown is a favorite color for bedrooms because this color gives the impression of classic, and yet modern at the same time. Thus, having a brown bedroom will never be old-fashioned. Brown, being a neutral color, is veryversatile and can be combined with many other colors. This color is also suited for both men and women so it is an ideal color theme for a master bedroom or a guest room. For a soft and calming effect, try combining...

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